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Contact me if you are interested in your child getting involved in the John Muir Award


Above Angus shares about his experience of the John Muir Award. 

I am a recognised provider of the John Muir Award. This is a nationally recognised environmental reward scheme, supporting people to connect with, enjoy and care for nature. 

It is a non-competitive, inclusive and accessible scheme, which takes inspiration from the life of John Muir, the Scottish born conservation pioneer, known as the founder of National Parks in America. You can find out more at

The sessions take place on Saturdays from 10.00-2.00, once a month over 9 months, and are for young people age 11 - 16. The location is the wonderful organic garden owned by Weleda, just outside Ilkeston



"My daughter has really benefited from working towards the John Muir award. She has severe anxiety, and sensory difficulties, and is unable to cope in a school environment. Working outside has given her the opportunity to learn, engage with others, and feel she has finally succeeded at something. In providing evidence of her learning, with no external pressure, she was then able to find out more about the things she was particularly interested in, and feel a sense of achievement in completing her work."

Parent of teenager, 2022 











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