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"Talking Trees" a new project for 2017 to celebrate the launch of the Charter for Trees

The Woodland Trust is launching a Charter for Trees in 2017 and is currently raising awareness of the value of trees by collecting and sharing tree stories. I am a local Charter Champion, which means I have pledged to support the promotion of the Charter and to collect stories of what trees mean to people in Nottingham.

During January and February 2017 I will be visiting local schools with the "Talking Trees" project. I will tell two traditional folk stories, one from Estonia and one from India, that help children to understand the many ways that trees are valuable, and encourage them to protect and care for trees. This will be followed by an opportunity for children to share what trees mean to them and to write about this briefly. What they write will be sent to the Woodland Trust to contribute to the Charter.

I have a number of free sessions available, so if you are a local school or a parent at a school and you would like me to bring "Talking Trees" to your children, please get in touch as soon as possible.

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